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Work Experience

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Associate State Director

Small Business Development Center (2011-Present)

University of Wyoming

Leadership position along with the state director.  

  • Manage grants and contracts funding for department 

    • Financial management and budgeting​ 

      • Federal Acquisition Regulation​s (FAR) compliance

    • Reporting of milestone and budget progress

    • Communicate with team and stakeholders

    • Manage human resources including recruitment, hiring, training and transition

    • Working with Oracle implementation process as "Change Agent" 

    • Manage contracts related to each grant specific task

      • Finding appropriate vendors​

      • negotiating terms

      • Completing processes for legal approval

      • Processing payment

      • Closing contracts

    • Supervise manager of the procurement technical assistance program (PTAP)​

      • Assisted in organizing and delivering an annual conference sponsored by the governor and US Senator with more than 125 attendees each year​

    • Strategic planning​

    • Monitoring progress towards goals and milestones using statistical data

Assistant Director

Wyoming Technology Business Center (2009-2011)

Consulting position in the incubator system

  • Work with clients to grow their business

    • Most notable: Worked with two students enter a business competition​ which they ultimately won and helped them begin their business grow to more than 40 employees and ultimately bought by a multinational company

  • Implemented SalesForce for the team as a primary CRM that was eventually adopted by the state​

  • Managed the monthly Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur (e2e) a networking event
  • ​​Assisted in establishing processes and procedures in compliance with university requirements
  • Assisted in writing the report for the federal grant​

  • Completed coursework from Coaches Training Institute to be a life coach (final certification was not deemed necessary for position)


University Transit and Parking (2004-2009)

Management position with department of ~ 40 employees and ~$1.5 mil budget

  • Took over department in crisis

    • previous manager left suddenly

    • few written procedures

    • collection rate <30%

    • terrible customer relations with frequent threats to employees

    • declining ridership of transit

  • Accomplished turnaround in all measures​

    • increased collection rate to >80%​

    • Implemented smart technology solution from a paper and pencil process for citation and permit management

    • Implemented Bus tracking system

    • Implemented automated pay by the hour system

    • established procedures and policies that increased customer relations while making system consistent, fair and accountable

    • doubled ridership, including wildly successful new park and ride route 

    • reduced threats and danger to employees to infrequent occurrences

    • improved grant relations and number of grants received

  • Achieved Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) designation from University of Virginia and the International Parking Institute ​

  • Published software implementation in Parking Magazine "From Pen to Stylus"

Jordan Enterprises
CMIT Solutuions

​2001 - 2004


​Developed a business plan that won the Laramie New Business Challenge Award and started a technology training company operating in Laramie, Cheyenne and Casper, Wyoming.

Part of two-person owner-operator team providing on-site technology assistance and training for individuals and small business clients.  Assisted in purchasing, installing and training on use of technology equipment


​2010 - present


​I helped to implement data driven solutions for companies such as Zig Ziglar, Chuck-E-Cheese and MLM weigh loss companies. We provided data driven customizable websites, email blasts and audio recordings using Flash and Generator driven by SQL database. 

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