CMIT Solutuions

​2001 - 2004


​Developed a business plan that won the Laramie New Business Challenge Award and started a technology training company operating in Laramie, Cheyenne and Casper, Wyoming.

Part of two-person owner-operator team providing on-site technology assistance and training for individuals and small business clients.  Assisted in purchasing, installing and training on use of technology equipment


​2010 - present


​I helped to implement data driven solutions for companies such as Zig Ziglar, Chuck-E-Cheese and MLM weigh loss companies. We provided data driven customizable websites, email blasts and audio recordings using Flash and Generator driven by SQL database. 

Work Experience

Jordan Enterprises
University of Wyoming

Leadership position along with the state director.  

  • Manage grants and contracts funding for department 

    • Financial management and budgeting​ 

      • Federal Acquisition Regulation​s (FAR) compliance

    • Reporting of milestone and budget progress

    • Communicate with team and stakeholders

    • Manage human resources including recruitment, hiring, training and transition

    • Working with Oracle implementation process as "Change Agent" 

    • Manage contracts related to each grant specific task

      • Finding appropriate vendors​

      • negotiating terms

      • Completing processes for legal approval

      • Processing payment

      • Closing contracts

    • Supervise manager of the procurement technical assistance program (PTAP)​

      • Assisted in organizing and delivering an annual conference sponsored by the governor and US Senator with more than 125 attendees each year​

    • Strategic planning​

    • Monitoring progress towards goals and milestones using statistical data

Associate State Director

Small Business Development Center (2011-Present)

Assistant Director

Wyoming Technology Business Center (2009-2011)

Consulting position in the incubator system

  • Work with clients to grow their business

    • Most notable: Worked with two students enter a business competition​ which they ultimately won and helped them begin their business grow to more than 40 employees and ultimately bought by a multinational company

  • Implemented SalesForce for the team as a primary CRM that was eventually adopted by the state​

  • Managed the monthly Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur (e2e) a networking event
  • ​​Assisted in establishing processes and procedures in compliance with university requirements
  • Assisted in writing the report for the federal grant​

  • Completed coursework from Coaches Training Institute to be a life coach (final certification was not deemed necessary for position)


University Transit and Parking (2004-2009)

Management position with department of ~ 40 employees and ~$1.5 mil budget

  • Took over department in crisis

    • previous manager left suddenly

    • few written procedures

    • collection rate <30%

    • terrible customer relations with frequent threats to employees

    • declining ridership of transit

  • Accomplished turnaround in all measures​

    • increased collection rate to >80%​

    • Implemented smart technology solution from a paper and pencil process for citation and permit management

    • Implemented Bus tracking system

    • Implemented automated pay by the hour system

    • established procedures and policies that increased customer relations while making system consistent, fair and accountable

    • doubled ridership, including wildly successful new park and ride route 

    • reduced threats and danger to employees to infrequent occurrences

    • improved grant relations and number of grants received

  • Achieved Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) designation from University of Virginia and the International Parking Institute ​

  • Published software implementation in Parking Magazine "From Pen to Stylus"